Source code for checkon.cli

import datetime
import json
import pathlib
import sys

import attr
import click
import hyperlink
import tabulate
import toml

import checkon.results

from . import app

[docs]def run_cli(dependents_lists, **kw): dependents = [d for ds in dependents_lists for d in ds] print(app.run_many(dependents=dependents, **kw))
[docs]def compare_cli(dependents_lists, output_format, log_file, **kw): dependents = [d for ds in dependents_lists for d in ds] if str(log_file) == "-": log_file = "/dev/stdout" pathlib.Path(log_file).parent.mkdir(exist_ok=True, parents=True) with open(log_file, "w") as log_file: records =, log_file=log_file, **kw) if output_format == "json": print(json.dumps(records)) elif output_format == "table": print(tabulate.tabulate(records, headers="keys")) else: raise ValueError(output_format) if records: sys.exit(1)
[docs]def read_from_file(file): dependents_ = toml.load(file)["dependents"] return [app.Dependent(d["repository"], d["toxenv_regex"]) for d in dependents_]
dependents = [ click.Command( "dependents-from-librariesio", params=[ click.Argument(["pypi-name"]), click.Option( ["--api-key"], required=True, envvar="CHECKON_LIBRARIESIO_API_KEY", help=" API key", ), click.Option( ["--limit"], type=int, help="Maximum number of dependents to find.", default=5, show_default=True, ), ], callback=app.get_dependents, help="Get dependent projects on PyPI, via API", ), click.Command( "dependents-from-file", params=[click.Argument(["file"], type=click.File())], help="List dependent project urls in a toml file.", callback=read_from_file, ), click.Command( "dependents", params=[click.Argument(["dependents"], nargs=-1, required=True)], callback=lambda dependents: [app.Dependent(repo, ".*") for repo in dependents], help="List dependent project urls on the command line.", ), ] test = click.Group( "test", commands={ c for c in dependents}, params=[ click.Option(["--upstream-new"], help="Depdendency version(s).", multiple=True), click.Option( ["--upstream-pull-requests"], type=hyperlink.URL.from_text, help="Inject each of the GitHub pull requests against the `upstream-base` version.", ), click.Option(["--upstream-base"], help="Baseline dependency version."), click.Option( ["--output-format"], type=click.Choice(["json", "table"]), default="table", help="Output format", ), click.Option( ["--log-file"], type=click.Path(allow_dash=True), default=".checkon/logs/" + datetime.datetime.utcnow().isoformat() + ".log", ), ], result_callback=compare_cli, chain=True, help="Compare multiple versions of a depdendency on their depdendents tests.", )
[docs]def make_config(dependents): return toml.dumps({"dependents": [attr.asdict(d) for d in dependents]})
make_config_cli = click.Group( "make-config", commands={ c for c in dependents}, result_callback=lambda ds: print( make_config(ds) ), # lambda **kw: print(make_config(**kw)), help="Make toml configuration of dependent libraries.", ) cli = click.Group( "run", commands={"make-config": make_config_cli, "test": test}, help="Run tests of dependent packages using different versions of a depdendency library.", )